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Break free from the silence of your unanswered state of being

Have you ever felt stuck with a physical condition or an emotional state that is not shifting? We invite you to embrace a journey of healing where your unanswered questions find solace and guidance to rediscover your well-being.

Your healing potential awaits.

Discover Our Founders' Vision

Meet the Hearts Behind Authentic Health

“The human body has an innate drive to heal itself, each person must take responsibility for the healing to be effective, by aligning the body, emotion, mind and spirit. Our natural state is wholeness, expect healing with the willingness to do our part.”


Discover Our Founders' Vision

Meet the Hearts Behind Authentic Health

“Health comes from the word whole. In the absence of wholeness, we’re affected by beliefs and definitions hindering our completeness. It’s about asking the right questions to bring that awareness.”

Chris Johnstone

Our Services

Spinal Energetics™

Experience the profound benefits of Spinal Energetics as it fosters balance and alignment within your body’s energetic field and nervous system. Through gentle touch and organic movements, this transformative modality promotes deep self-awareness, helping you release tension and resistance stored within your body.

Intuitive Healing and Reiki

Ecperience the healing energy of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki —an ancient Japanese technique channels universal life energy through gentle hand placements to promote relaxation and well-being. With Clairessa’s unique blend of learned expertise and innate abilities, embark on a journey to restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Ask Me Anything - Live (Free)

Join us for an engaging and interactive session with our ‘Ask Me Anything’ live event. Explore topics related to holistic health, wellness, and spirituality. This free session is your opportunity to seek guidance, gain insights, and connect with our experts. Secure your spot for an enlightening conversation.

Client Reviews

Two years ago, Chris was local to me, and when I encountered a health issue, he was the first person I thought of reaching out to. Despite his busy schedule, he generously made time to see me. I traveled over 20 miles to seek his advice, and it was absolutely worth it!

Emma M

Clairessa was very knowledgeable, and I was always very impressed with her analysis at the end of each session. She always allowed time for me to talk through how I was feeling. I feel a reduction in my aches and pains and feel I am able to manage my daily stresses better.

Chris’s passion and compassionate care make me feel truly listened to and cared for. He consistently goes above and beyond, offering a depth of knowledge beyond what you’d expect from a healthcare professional.”

Iain R

Clairessa was very welcoming, and her knowledge and adaptability to my needs showcased her expertise. There was an in-depth explanation of what was going to be involved, and when I discussed my emotions that day, Clairessa adapted her session and introduced me to different aspects of Reiki. I felt much more relaxed and able to deal with certain situations in a calmer manner. She went above and beyond in sending extra information and videos to help me.

Before meeting Chris, I was skeptical about Biogeometry and had no understanding of its principles. However, Chris conducted an experiment on my drinking water, demonstrating the harmonizing effects of Biogeometry. The difference was undeniable that I could guess every blind-test correctly; the water tasted more ‘alive’.

Margaret J

“Clairessa was very friendly and very knowledgable. She was able to read my body language and use this to help me relax. I felt the treatments allowed me to relax more and brought my pulse/heart rate down. I really felt the benefit in terms of relaxation and detox.”

Seeking allergy testing and dietary guidance, I turned to Chris for help. Through resonance testing and insightful tips on improving the life force of food, Chris provided invaluable insights and practical tips to improve my overall well-being. His warm and friendly approach made the entire process enjoyable and informative.”

Kieran J

Clairessa would always go into great detail on the treatment and explain the procedures in a very understanding way. Before every session, Clairessa would confirm that I was comfortable and ready to start. I would leave feeling a lot more relaxed and could physically feel that my stress levels had dropped. She always explained the aftercare and ensured I understood correctly.

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“Making You More You”


Begin Your Journey Of

"Making You More You"